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  • Wine Pairings for Pork Tenderloin (Grilled or Roasted)

    Wine Pairings for Pork Tenderloin (Grilled or Roasted)

    Pork tenderloin can be prepared a few different ways, so we wanted to give you some great wine pairings no matter your preferred cooking method.  We went across the board with the wine pairings for this one, and included a full-bodied white wine, a light (and sometimes medium body) red wine, and a full-bodied red…

  • Carbonara Wine Pairings

    Carbonara Wine Pairings

    Carbonara pasta is a simple, creamy pasta recipe typically made with the following ingredients: The bacon lends to a smoky, salty flavor in the pasta, complemented with rich, silky egg yolk, salty Parmesan cheese, spicy black pepper, and a burst of freshness from the parsley (yes, I use parsley in my carbonara and I will…