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  • Carbonara Wine Pairings

    Carbonara Wine Pairings

    Carbonara pasta is a simple, creamy pasta recipe typically made with the following ingredients: The bacon lends to a smoky, salty flavor in the pasta, complemented with rich, silky egg yolk, salty Parmesan cheese, spicy black pepper, and a burst of freshness from the parsley (yes, I use parsley in my carbonara and I will […]

  • A Better Basic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    A Better Basic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    If you’re ready to step up your grilled cheese game, let’s do it. Grilled cheese goes one of two ways for me: Nostalgic: Kraft singles yellow cheese squares & crispy buttered bread goodness. Grown-up: A minimum of two different cheeses, protein, vegetable (preferably caramelized), and a mayo-slathered exterior for a perfectly browned crunchy bread. Consider […]